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Somali-Republic-1997-Rutite.jpg Parauay-5-June-1965-Scott-875ThumbnailsAlbania-1-July-1959-Scott-542Parauay-5-June-1965-Scott-875ThumbnailsAlbania-1-July-1959-Scott-542Parauay-5-June-1965-Scott-875ThumbnailsAlbania-1-July-1959-Scott-542Parauay-5-June-1965-Scott-875ThumbnailsAlbania-1-July-1959-Scott-542

The national postal infrastructure was later completely destroyed during the civil war, with Somali Postal officially suspending operations in October 1991. Postage stamps continued to be produced illegally internationally during the war, although their subject matter suggests they were designed for external collectors. The set of mineral stamps in this album from the Somali republic are examples of hundreds of bogus topical stamps produced up to 2013. The Universal Postal Union is now assisting the reestablished Somali Postal Service to develop its capacity, including providing technical assistance and basic mail processing equipment. In October 2014, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications also relaunched postal delivery from abroad. The postal system is slated to be implemented throughout the country via a new postal coding and numbering system. According to the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Mohamud Ibrihim Adan, the relaunch's next phase will enable local residents to send letters to acquaintances overseas.

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